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20 days that change the world – 24 hours


Russia to Ukraine on March 15 snowThe war of aggression initiated by 20 The day is over. Few predicted that the war would last that long, but there is no clear idea when it will end after the third week. It turns out that, Russia’s war and even the scenario predicted by the West did not materialize. Because:

Russia captured the capital Kiev for a maximum of one week Ukraine he believed he would force his government to surrender;

USA and Western countries Ukraine of the army and occupation of society snowdid not expect to resist at this level.

Russiaaccording to his belief, the army units he sent to capture Kiev and armored vehicles a maximum of one week’s food and provided fuel. The West is its citizens and had immediately deported its diplomats from Ukraine. Embassies and diplomatic missions to the west of the country and He was transferred to Poland.

The consequences of the war to this day are terrible. Mass destruction after World War II and the number of casualties according to leaves most conflicts behind. Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko told local media that, As a result of the war, many logistics chains were broken, many enterprises were destroyed, and some of them lost their jobs due to the departure of their employees: “The Ministry of Economy thinks so that, The cost of the war was about one-third to one-half of the country’s GDP, about 500 billion dollars contane. But the exact amount will be announced only after the end of the war. “.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently announced that, GDP in Ukraine in 2022 10 interest will decrease, inflation and 19.1 percent.

Russia’s economic losses are the result of both the billions spent on the military and the heavy economic sanctions imposed by the collective West. It is known that, Of Russia 630 billion About $ 458 billion worth of gold and foreign exchange reserves have been frozen. dollars, deprived of trade in pounds sterling. The West to Russia in general snowhas imposed up to 6,000 sanctions that, This blocks relations with most developed countries and financial centers of the West. Russia’s main source of income is oilgasThe United States has now taken this step. Europe The union has announced a goal to reduce energy dependence on the country by two-thirds by the end of the year.

In the last two weeks, the world’s largest energy companies, as well as corporations with large investments in most sectors of the economy Russia left the market. Political Heavy sanctions were also imposed on the activities of the oligarchs, the mainstay of the government, and the business structures under their control. Lost as a result and The amount of frozen funds is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Moreover, the oligarchy’s assets in the West are being seized.

As a result, the economic situation is rapidly deteriorating, there is a shortage and high prices. national The currency has lost half its value. Part of the Russian population, especially the middle class, has begun to leave the country. The address of this migration is Turkey, which has not yet broken ties with Russia and post-Soviet countries. Most financial institutions and think tanks expect a default in Russia in the coming months.

As for the situation on the front, 20 During the day, the Russian army captured the city of Kherson, Kharkiv and Kyiv managed to capture small settlements around. Currently, the city of Mariupol, which is a major obstacle to the opening of the highway to Crimea, is under siege. Despite the fact that part of the civilian population could not leave the city, Russia refused to give them a green corridor and fired ballistic missiles day and night. To date according toThe death toll in Mariupol is approaching 2,500.

Ukraine army is serious against the occupiers and successfully resists. According to the Ministry of Defense according toThe Russian army, more than 13 thousand manpower, hundreds of heavy military equipment, rocket launchers and s. lost military infrastructure.

The past 20 The myth of the Russian army “the second most powerful army in the world” has been completely dispelled. Military experts compare the scale of the losses with those in the war in Afghanistan. In the last two weeks 5 generalThe destruction of dozens of high-ranking servicemen, the poor, low motivation and insecurity of the captives, and the instability of military equipment in the face of modern weapons create an astonishing picture. In addition, the Russian leadership’s recruitment of mercenaries from Syria, its compulsion to seek military assistance from China, and its involvement of non-Slavs (Chechens) in the war acis shown as proof of the situation.

Britain The Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Service said today that Russian forces are at full capacity in Ukraine 10It was announced that he could fight for 14 days. In recent days Kharkiv attacking many cities, in particular and It was stressed that the Russian army targeting civilians is getting weaker.

Former commander of the US Army in Europe, retired general Ben Hodges said that, if Western countries increase their support for Ukraine, then approximately 10 Russians will not be able to conduct active military operations in Ukraine after Generalto the words of according toRussians do not have enough personnel, time, ammunition is depleted.

On the contrary, the Ukrainian leadership has built a good defense. Western weapons, financial intelligence, and logistical support also have a say. Men aged 18-60 were banned from leaving the country, and a nationwide resistance to the Russian occupation was organized. High-level management in times of crisis, mobilization of society, security issues, high level of communication also increase the confidence in victory.

Undoubtedly that, Western sanctions against Russia will be tightened. Already the United States has banned the trade of sea lanes in the occupying country, Russian ships in the ports of allied countries and brought up the issue of closing the cargo.

Ukraine to the military, political, the scale of humanitarian support is expanding. Modern weapons, money, and moral support, which are most needed in war, further strengthen the people’s determination to fight. You can write more about it…

So this is a brief description of the last 20 days. The main expectation is whether the protests against the adventure of the Russian elite will increase within the country. According to the Russian authorities according to, so far about 15,000 anti-war activists have been arrested. Military censorship prevails in the country, most social networks are closed. Sanctions, on the one hand, and the Russian government, on the other, have put the Russian people in a difficult position that they could not have imagined.

Will the society tolerate this and agree with a North Korean-like government, or will we soon see the Russian spring? Anyway, I almost didn’t know the answer to this question…


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