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A new Android virus called Escobar steals money from banking applications

Operating in the field of IT security KELA The company’s experts are new to the Internet bank trojan (trojan) found and that Trojan is a famous Colombian drug smuggler Pablo Escobar named in honor of. This is new bank Trojans all over the world 20Close to 0 bankacts as a serious threat to its customers. According to reports, a new virus Aberebot is a more advanced version of the earlier bank Trojan called The new virus in question Android After accessing the systems of devices, you can control those devices and record sounds through their microphones and can take photos through cameras. It was noted in the report that, Escobar This is a virus called and or 190 bank itself after logging in to another Android device and from cryptocurrency wallet disguises as one.

With this method, it logs users and tries to get their passwords. In addition, the virus requires permission to use many internal system capabilities of the device. Among those opportunities are reading messages, GPS determine the location of the device via and s. var. After collecting various information, the virus sends it to the hackers’ servers. Hackers, in turn, use this information to steal users’ money. Experts said that, Escobar virus on both devices phishing SMS can also be accessed through both disguised as another application. The entry of such a virus into the system snowfrom external sources to users to get the bottle APK It is recommended not to upload files.

Azerbaijan news

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