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Abramovich is also on the EU sanctions list

The sanctions do not provide for the abolition of Russia’s “most desirable country” trade status

Europe Union (EU) Russia’s occupation of Ukraine according to approved the fourth package of sanctions. He owns the Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich The assets of a number of oligarchs included are frozen.

The measures will come into force as soon as they are published on March 15. Steel from Russia and iron imports, goods worth more than 300 euros to this country and Export of cars worth more than 50 thousand euros, oil companies and investments in the energy sector are prohibited.

Stop the war

President Vladimir Putin Ukraine to the people snow“As long as the war continues, we will resolutely support Ukraine and cut off funding for the Kremlin’s war machine.” – EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrel he said.

According to Borrell according tothe purpose of sanctions President Putin is inhuman and is to stop the senseless war.

In the previous three rounds of sanctions Russia center bankassets frozen Russia and Belarus’s largest banks SWIFT bank removed from the system.

New EU sanctions credit rating agencies Russia and Prohibits the development of ratings for Russian companies. The aim is to further restrict their access to European financial markets.

Trade status is not revoked

The sanctions do not provide for the abolition of Russia’s “most desirable country” trade status. But the EU reports that, Together with other members of the World Trade Organization, it is ready to take the necessary steps to “protect our fundamental security interests.”

On March 11, the United States unanimously abolished Russia’s status as a “normal trading partner” with the G7. Officially called the “most desirable country”, this status is more favorable to the country that owns it and creates the possibility of preferential deals.

Along with Abramovich, the banker on the list German Khan, steel magnate Viktor Rashnikov“Pro-Kremlin propagandist” Dmitry Kulikova media mogul Konstantin Ernst, Head of Rosneft Choose Igorin ex-wife Marina Secina also has.


Azerbaijan news

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