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“Don’t touch my baby, I don’t want the baby given by the devil”

Urals brand Russia Another tender for the sale of oil failed. Bloomberg reports that, Russia’s Zarubejneft state-owned company produced six batches of oil worth 600,000 tons in a tender to be held yesterday.

Condition according to oil was to be delivered to the customer in the second half of the year. However, no customer applied for this oil, and potential customers refused to register for the tender. and As a result, the tender was considered unsuccessful.

Earlier, Surgutneftegaz sold 8 tons of Urals oil from Transneft’s Baltic ports, but the tender was canceled due to a lack of buyers. Russia’s state-owned Rusneft is also reportedly struggling to find customers for its oil. A source told Interfax that, The main problem is the inability of customers to find a tanker to transport oil. Because no company Russia does not want to face the risk of sanctions by transporting oil, and potential customers in general Russia They try to stay away from oil, considering it quite toxic.

Recall that, USA and Great Britain Russia suspends oil purchases, Europe The union is Rosneft, Transneft. and To Gazpromneft companies snowhas announced new sanctions.

TASS reports that, At present, Urals Russian oil is 29 times more expensive than Brent oil dollars is offered cheaply. Currently, the market price of Brent oil is below $ 105.

Despite the dire situation, Indian Oil, one of Russia’s traditional oil customers, has bought 3 million barrels of Urals oil. The company does not consider this a violation of sanctions that, does not cooperate with Russian companies under the influence of sanctions.


Azerbaijan news

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