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Kharkov under fire, explosions in Kiev

yesterday night videostarted with contact RussiaUkraine negotiations should continue today

Russia’s attack on Ukraine on March 15 20is the day.

The capital this morning KyivSeveral blows were inflicted on him. Witnesses say there were explosions in different parts of the city. Rescuers received a signal from three districts.

Last night, Kharkov, the country’s second largest city, was hit several times.

Negotiations must continue

Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinspokesman Dmitri Peskov he said a while ago that, The Kremlin does not rule out “taking control” of major Ukrainian cities.

yesterday night videostarted with contact RussiaUkraine negotiations should continue today.

According to the information spread on the evening of March 14 according to, 2357 people were killed by Russian fire in Mariupol. The information was spread by the city council. However, it is not clear whether this figure includes military losses.

Mariupol has been under blockade for two weeks. The city lacks telephone, electricity, heating, food and water. Although there have been several reports of humanitarian corridors opening in the city, those trying to exit have been killed in shootings on the roads.

Thanks to Zelensky

Ukraine Presidents Volodymyr Zelenski In his new appeal, he personally thanked the employee of Russia’s First Channel. TV channeleditor Marina Ovsyannikova to the war live snowcame out with a poster. The poster read, “Stop the war! Do not believe in propaganda! They are lying to you here! ” words are written. Ovsyannikova was detained and her whereabouts are unknown.

OVD-Info writes that he was not at Ostankino or on duty at the TV tower.

In 2014, Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region and began supporting separatists in the east of the country. And on February 22 this year Putin He recognized those separatist organizations and launched an attack on Ukraine two days later.

The West is imposing tough financial sanctions on Russia.


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