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Russia is on the verge of default – Three scenarios have been developed

Russia The federation’s future prospects have been analyzed by Bloomberg analysts. The country’s probability of default this year is estimated at about 70%. This figure was directly affected by the occupation of Ukraine. This foreign exchange default will be the first in a century.

It is noted that, a similar situation once in history, since the revolution that took place at the beginning of the last century and It happened after the Bolsheviks refused to recognize the debts of the tsar. According to analysts, events could develop in three scenarios.

If Russia The default will be postponed until April 4 if it pays interest on the bonds in dollars on March 16. If the bonds are bought in rubles, most investors will immediately accept it as a default. Another alternative scenario for analysts according to, Russia will not pay its debts at all – then the country will be given a one-month grace period. If payment is not made before April 15, the classic “hard” default will occur: access to funding will be completely blocked.


Azerbaijan news

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