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A new photo of Elmar Valiyev, who was shot in Ganja, has been spread

Former head of the City Executive Power, who was not seen by the public after the events in Ganja Elmar This time, Valiyev came up with a photo.

Past as seen in the last picture execution The health of the head is in order. In the photo taken with his grandson, it is observed that he gained some weight.

Recall that, 61-year-old E.Valiyev 2011-2018In the 1930s he was the head of Ganja City Executive Power. 2018himself on July 3, and guard building of the Executive Power snowYunis Safarov, a member of a religious sect, was shot dead. He resigned in August of that year free was made. Yunis Safarov was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Let `s note that, In the summer of 2021, the lawyer Javad Javadov stated that, Elmar An expert opinion on Valiyev was issued: “As a result of the assassination, he became mentally ill and “His interrogation in court could worsen the situation.” (Qafqazinfo)


Azerbaijan news

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