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Expected call of the secretary – 24 hours


On February 22 Moscow Russia and Between Azerbaijan snowmutual assistance and A declaration of alliance was signed. Only 2 days later Russia Ukraine snowThe aggressor started a war. Moscow for 3 weeks since that date and There were no official contacts between Baku, in any case information not given.

But the United States and The leadership of Azerbaijan is regularly called from Europe and discussions are held. Meanwhile, the Turkish Foreign Minister visited Baku, and President Ilham Aliyev visited Ankara on March 11 president He visited Erdogan. During the four-hour discussion, the Allies discussed both bilateral relations and regional security issues.

Ilham Aliyev for three weeks President of France E. Macron, Europe He had a telephone conversation with the President of the Council of the Union, Michel. Yesterday, US Secretary of State E.Blinken He called the President of Azerbaijan. From Baku regarding the content of the telephone conversation and The information disseminated from Washington is both content and volume according to differ from each other. The statement came from the president’s press service that, During the meeting, the sides exchanged views on the post-conflict period in the South Caucasus, including the process of normalization between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Regional security issues were also discussed: “United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken For providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine according toThanked Azerbaijan “.

A statement from US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that, Secretary of State Blinken The importance of bilateral relations between the United States and Azerbaijan and Peaceful, democratic in the South Caucasus region of the United States and He stressed his commitment to a prosperous future.

Noting the latest news about the escalation of tension between the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces, the Secretary of State called on the parties to exercise restraint and He called for intensifying diplomatic efforts to find a comprehensive solution to all other issues.

Price said that, Secretary of State Human Rights in Azerbaijan and stressed the importance of respect for fundamental freedoms. In addition, Blinken USA and partners Moscow and his supporters, including the Lukashenko regime in Belarus, the Kremlin to Ukraine snowfor no reason and to an unfounded war according to conveyed his commitment to continue to hold the defendant accountable. The US official himself took to Twitter to express his support for Azerbaijan and Ukraine according to wrote thank you:

“Resolution of regional conflicts with the President of Azerbaijan and I spoke about the importance of moving towards peace in the South Caucasus. I support Ukraine according to I thanked Azerbaijan. ”

Thus, the US Secretary of State conveyed his position with the President of Azerbaijan on three issues: Democratic reforms and political ensuring development, non-transition of tense relations with Armenia to the military phase and Invasion of Ukraine according to Russia and Supporting sanctions against Belarus or not providing them with any support.

Commenting on the issues raised by Blinke, former Foreign Minister Tofig Zulfugarov said that, The phone call is related to the complaints of the Prime Minister of Armenia N. Pashinyan: “It simply came to our notice then that, Azerbaijan forces Armenia to sign a peace agreement. Then Blinken calls Ilham Aliyev and He supports Pashkina’s idea of ​​the Minsk Process. You ask why? The answer is simple – for the United States and Russia, the conflict process itself is important, not the outcome. “

The ex-minister said that, This logic is also used in the events in Ukraine: “It simply came to our notice then that, President of Azerbaijan Turkey and He does not like the mediation of relations between Israel that, The President of Turkey, together with our President, is trying to bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table. They don’t want to that, Let the Turks replace the Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh. She according to they call. “

Political Analyst Rauf Mirkadirov told that, human rights at the moment and Democracy is not a priority in US-Azerbaijani relations. “It simply came to our notice then that, Russia-Ukraine will be preferred after the conflict is resolved. I consider that, After that, there will be serious adjustments in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy priorities and then a dialogue between Baku and the West on democracy will begin “– R. Mirkadirov added.

The expert notes that, Blinken is currently concerned about other issues, including Russia’s gradual downsizing: “It is true that Baku does not have such strict requirements, but there are sanctions that, Azerbaijan must join it, whether it wants to or not. For example, Russia’s financial relations, military cooperation and There is a ban on the sale of weapons. Taking this step is considered as assistance to the Russian military-industrial complex. Of course that, Cut off all economic relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, weather there are no requirements such as closing the space. But Azerbaijan weather It should seize Russian-leased aircraft manufactured by US companies in its ports and take part in resolving property issues. Apparently, Azerbaijan has said it will have to comply with sanctions on these issues. Russian airlines also fly to Azerbaijan weather Boeing, Airbus and s. They said they would not use the company’s planes.

R. Mirkadirov thinks that, Bilnken also discussed with Ilham Aliyev the issue of strengthening Azerbaijan’s participation in Europe’s energy security: “This is a very important issue for the West right now. It is known that, Europe from Russian oil by the end of the year and intends to give up coal completely. Gas will try to reduce imports by two-thirds. These are very serious decisions and All alternative energy sources and routes must be used for their implementation. In this context, we see attempts by the United States to sign a hasty nuclear deal with Iran. It is very strange that Russia, which previously called for haste in this deal, is now trying to prevent it. Undoubtedly that, Moscow has always opposed the normalization of Western-Iranian relations. Because Europe’s oilgas did not want to become a competitor in the market. Now, if this deal with Tehran takes place, Iran’s hydrocarbon resources can be used to transport Azerbaijani territory to Europe. Because the construction of new infrastructure takes a long time. At the same time, this route can be used to transport oil from Central Asia. But in the long run, the construction of the Trans-Caspian pipeline and s. issues can be discussed. “

Political analyst believes that, One of the main topics of discussion at the Aliyev-Blinken meeting Ukraine was related to the situation around: “I think so that, Blinken also touched upon some issues related to Azerbaijan. This is the settlement of the conflict with Armenia. The United States does not want another heated conflict in the post-Soviet space and He is not interested in resuming military operations in Karabakh. “


Azerbaijan news

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