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Hajibala Abutalibov’s Chief of Staff has been released

He said in court that, Hajibala Abutalibov ordered the scandalous demolition

20From 01 to 2019, he held various positions in the Baku City Executive Power, including 8 years as Chief of Staff Rasim Quliyev released from custody.

On March 16, the Baku Court of Appeal commuted his three-year sentence. His sentence was reduced to 2 years. Guliyev was charged under Article 70 (probation) of the Criminal Code and was released from the courtroom.

The appellate court also found Guliyev guilty of illegally demolishing a two-storey residential building at 141 Dilara Aliyeva Street (near the Winter Park) in the Nasimi district of the capital and allowing FF-2011 to build a new multi-storey building. He ordered the said 2018In May, he temporarily resigned as Deputy Head of the Baku City Executive Power execution signed as the person who did.

“I have not been properly transferred any official powers”

However, Guliyev does not plead guilty. He said that, FF-2011 is still in 2012 to build in that area and In 2015 Hajibala Abutalibovflour had two orders. That too 2018In (at that time Abutalibov had already been appointed Deputy Prime Minister), he signed a permit based on the previous two decrees.

During his tenure as Chief of Staff execution powers of the vice president execution He explained:

“It simply came to our notice then that, agreed with the management, I will be acting Deputy Chief Executive. The general control will be carried out by the head of the Baku City Executive Power. There is a special order on this and in the materials of the criminal case. Various institutions during the trial and proved by correspondence between individuals that, I have not been properly transferred to any position… ”


50 years old Rasim Quliyev 2001-2018In the 1930s he worked in the Baku City Executive Power. Eldar Azizov In July 2018, Guliyev was appointed First Deputy Head of the Baku City Executive Power, and after taking office, Guliyev resigned as Chief of Staff. free was made.

He was appointed chairman of the Foreign Relations Department of the executive power. Shortly after Eldar Azizov was confirmed as chief executive in November 2018, Guliyev was fired from the organization altogether.

Before his activity in Baku City Executive Power – 20In 00 parliament During the elections, Guliyev was the Chairman of the 29th Sabail Constituency Election Commission.

In 2019, after being removed from the executive branch of the same year April from the month YAP Appointed to work at the Central Office.


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