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‘I wish you to be a world leader …’

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the US Congress by video link on March 16 snowspoke at the meeting
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the US Congress by video link on March 16 snowHe called on US lawmakers to do more to protect his country from continued Russian aggression.
He said that, in this process president Cho Biden Must be a “leader of peace”:
Russia Ukraine He turned the sky into a source of death for thousands of people. “
Death in Ukraine during his speech and depicting scenes of destruction video and Zelensky, who showed the photos, once again called for the closure of skies over flights over Ukraine.
He also flew more planes to Ukraine in the Russian war and demanded the provision of defense systems.
Zelenski Russia called for continued sanctions against
“Am I begging too much?”
Reuters writes that, Zelensky told US lawmakers that Ukraine had been the worst terrorist attack in Europe since World War II.
“Is it a big request to introduce a no-fly zone to save the Ukrainian people?”
Zelensky said that, paytaxy Kyiv and other cities are attacked from the air every day.
At the end of the speech of the President of Ukraine Bidenaddressed in English:
“I wish that, you will be the leader of the world. To be a world leader means to be a leader of peace. “

NATOCho Bidenas well as many US congressmen do not agree to close the skies of Ukraine for flights.
They say that, it has Western nuclear weapons Russia can lead to a direct collision with.
The White House has so far produced Russian-made MiG fighters in the East Europe He did not decide to extradite him to Ukraine.
“I have a dream”
Zelenski called on lawmakers to support Japan’s bombing of the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii in 1941, and al-Qaeda attacks on the United States in 2011. and Martin called on Luther King, Jr. to recall his famous 1963 speech, “I Have a Dream.”
“I have a dream… Each of you remembers these words. And I tell you: I need it. I need to protect our skies. “
MPs applauded Zelensky’s speech. Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in Ukrainian, “You have fallen in love with Ukraine!” he said.


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