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If the war drags on, 90 percent of Ukrainians could become poor

UNDP 250 million as an initial emergency step dollars offers separation

If Russia’s unreasonable occupation of Ukraine turns into a protracted conflict, it is the East Europe Thirty percent of the country’s 44 million people could fall into poverty, and another 62 percent could be at risk of poverty within a year. With this warning UNThe United Nations Development Program (UNDP) issued a statement on March 16.

UNDP Ukraine refers to the government’s calculation – so far the war is minimal 100 billion resulted in the breakdown of important infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges, hospitals. At least half of businesses in Ukraine have closed and the other half are not operating at full capacity.

A call for peace

Ukraine War causes unimaginable human catastrophe, lives are tragically lost, and millions are displaced. “Urgent humanitarian assistance is very important for Ukrainians, and the severe effects of the protracted war on development are now more apparent.” – Administrator of UNDP Open Steiner he said.

UNUNDP, one of the largest agencies Ukraine has long partnered with the government in the country’s 24 administrative regions and operates in at least 332 municipalities. The agency says it is mobilizing its extensive network to respond to the emergency crisis.

UNDP also called for an immediate end to the conflict.

“Additional suffering, destruction and We need peace now to prevent poverty “ – Steiner emphasized.

250 million dollars if separated…

Russia began occupying Ukraine on February 24. UNDP continues to work in Ukraine, proposing several measures to reduce the impact of the conflict on Ukraine’s well-being. One of them is cash assistance, which will cover the most needy across the country.

UNDP 250 million as an initial emergency step dollars offers separation. This amount could serve as a safety net for 2.6 million people at risk of poverty.

“Preliminary assessments according to“Better yet, a basic income of $ 5.50 per person per day means $ 430 million per month.” – UNDP reports.

The organization to help millions of Ukrainian refugees UNplans to work with UNHCR

At least 2 million Ukrainians have been displaced since the war began.


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