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Is Kadyrov still in power in Ukraine or in Russia?

Expert: “Kadyrov’s group is not intended to take part in the fighting at all and they were not prepared to take part in military operations “

“They don’t actually take part in real battles,” he said. But social advertise themselves on networks. They distribute “humanitarian aid” on behalf of Kadyrov and take pictures with flags. “

This was founded by the authoritative research group Conflict Intelligence Team on Current Time Ruslan Leviyev he said.

He draws attention to the strangeness of Kadyrov’s activities in Ukraine:

“The Kadyrovites are not part of the regular army. They are formally part of the Rosguardia. But there is an important point: it has been observed that they are not always subordinate to the federal center during their activities. Kadyrov’s disregard for orders from the Rosguardia according to indirectly, there were clashes. In any case, this is Ramzan Kadyrov’s private army. “

PR army

Leviyev reports that, The main activity of this “army” is self-promotion:

“It simply came to our notice then that, They have been in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, but we have never seen them take part in the fighting. We call them a kind of “PR-army”. In other words, they make a lot of nice videos, drive a machine gun, “clean” houses, allegedly distribute humanitarian aid. and take care of the civilian population. They are Zelensky and Ukraine They threaten the army: “We will clean all of Ukraine in two days.” But the war is already 21 days that, Where are those two days? ”

According to Leviyev, Ramzan Kadyrov’s group was not intended to take part in the fighting at all and they were not prepared to take part in military operations:

“It simply came to our notice then Kyiv spend near. We also saw them in Melitopol. They walk most of the time and video are engaged in drawing. But there was an incident. It is clear from one of the photos that, The bodies of the dead Kadyrovs are visible. Nowadays, there was a picture of a small jeep with bulletproof glass. Two bodies are visible there. It can be seen from the stretching of the corpses that, they were ambushed and shot. We made this decision from their uniforms that, these are the Kadyrovites. But we have never seen the participation of the Kadyrovs in a real military battle. “

“Hurray, we’ve captured the base!”

Leviyev says that, according to the cadres KyivCan be seen in the direction of Gostomel, Bucha, Irpen:

“In one video, we see them hanging a flag. This Ukraine national is the base of the guard. But they brag in their video that, national captured the guard base. However, the base was empty when they arrived. That is, there was no war, Ukraine national The guards were not killed. They simply came to the empty base and hung their flags and “Hurray, we have captured the base!”

The expert speaks that, It seems that the Kadyrovs also found Ukrainian Varta armored vehicles in this empty base:

This is all their “victories”. Come to the empty base, hang the flags and “Hurray, we won” is to shout. Their PR is generally aggressive rhetoric. For example, “we are brave boys, we are ready to clean Kiev in two days, Putin command us. ” But for the past three weeks, they have not taken part in a single battle. ”

Ruslan Leviyev also does not believe that Ukraine will soon launch a Tochka U missile in Donetsk. He reports that, rocket’s tail on the ground and other remains indicate that it was fired from the southeast.

Leviyev also denies allegations that Donbas separatists fired the missile into the air. According to him according to in which case the parts of the missile that fell would not remain intact.

Russia great siege danger for

Answering questions about Russia’s vitality, Leviyev said that, Most of the reserve forces that Moscow has gathered on the border on the eve of the war are already fighting in Ukraine:


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