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Ukraine has officially legalized cryptocurrencies

Ukraine cryptocurrencies completely legalized. Ukraine presidents Vladimir Zelenski on virtual assets signed by the law Ukraine Ali Rada was adopted by. Accepted the law ownership of digital assets, classification and determines the legal status, creates conditions for the further development of the digital environment in this area, determines the conditions for the registration of representatives offering services related to digital assets and Provides financial monitoring measures in the field of digital assets. In general, this the law cryptocurrencies and creates a legal framework for working with other digital assets.

After that, local and Foreign cryptocurrency exchanges will be able to operate completely legally in Ukraine. Banks are for companies engaged in cryptocurrency bank will be able to open accounts. Ukrainians will be able to protect their virtual property and The state will provide judicial protection for the protection of rights to digital assets. As regulators of the digital asset market in Ukraine Precious Papers and Stock Market Commission with Ukraine Milli Bankı selected. They will regulate the circulation of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and Representatives offering other services in this field will be provided with the necessary permits to work in the country.

Azerbaijan news

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