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‘Dark matter can act as fuel for spacecraft’

According to the American scientist, if human civilization dark matter with snowIf we had the opportunity to interact, it would completely change our civilization. Located in New York Yeshiva Of the University alimi Ed BelbrunoAccording to, dark matter on interstellar travels can act as fuel for the spacecraft to be used. In this case, human civilization can have unlimited energy reserves. The nature of dark matter still remains a mystery.

“Until we know what dark matter really is, no one will understand how to use it. I think so that, If dark matter forces light to be refracted during the observation of other galaxies, it is very strong matter. and most likely it that, It can be used as a new source of energy, “he said. The scientist also mentioned it that, it may take a long time for the nature of dark matter to become clear.

“With the dark matter of human civilization snowHundreds to have the opportunity to be in touch and it may even take thousands of years. But it can be an incredible source of energy. “Through it, our spacecraft can quickly travel the interstellar distance,” he added. According to the scientist, dark matter is made up of such a substance that, it will lead to revolutionary solutions in the field of universe observation. In addition, the scientist said that, NASA It is also involved in the creation of special spacecraft that can search for dark matter.

Azerbaijan news

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