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Shoigu appealed to the Minister of Culture for Zelensky

He is in this letter Ukraine asks President Volodymyr Zelensky to be removed from Russia’s “cultural agenda”

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu Minister of Culture of Russia Olqa Lyubimovaor sent a letter.

He is in this letter Ukraine presidents Volodymyr Zelenskinin and Ukrainian director Alexander Rodnyanskiasks to be removed from Russia’s “cultural agenda”

Volodymyr Zelenski president actor until selected and was known as a showman.

Shoigu’s letter to Mediazon and The Insider published the sites.

Sites report that, The letter was sent to them by a source close to the Ministry of Culture.

The letter reads:

“The current leadership of the country to popularize these people and It does not serve to implement the decisions made by the Ministry of Defense.

In 2019 Ukraine Zelensky elected president 2000-2010He also participated in a number of films shot in Russia.

He is also the producer of the series “Swati” (Ambassadors). Until recently Russia was shown on television.

Russia-Ukrainian producer Alexander Rodnyansky on Russia’s intervention in Ukraine snowcame out.

Rodnyansky has also produced war-themed films such as “Stalingrad,” “Leviathan,” “Residential Island,” and “9th Squadron.”

The producer has been a member of the jury of many film festivals.

In addition he STS TV channelled by and 1 + 1 TV channelcreated


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