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The Duma deputy called for ‘integration’ with North Korea

Deputy he said that, He considers North Korea “a beacon of socialism all over the world.”

Russia Strengthen integration with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and it must lift sanctions on it. ”

That’s it Russia From the Communist Party of the State Duma deputyı Kazbek Taysayev suggested.

Deputy he said that, North Korea Russia actively advocates the lifting of international sanctions.

Taysayev is the secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party. He was a member of the North Ossetian parliament until his election to the Duma in 2011.

The deputy said that, He considers North Korea “a beacon of socialism all over the world.”

Taysayev for “permanent support” to North Korean people in Moscow according to thanked.

Comrade Lee’s appeal

Russian Communist Party of the DPRK Ali Chairman of the parliamentary friendship group with Russia in the People’s Assembly Li Çxolquoted from.

It is said in the appeal of the Korean MP that, Moscow and The Pyongyang collective has been “exposed” by the West:

“The villains on the other side of the ocean are trying to destroy us with sanctions packages. We are surrounded by hostile countries. “

Korean MP calls on countries to “unite” and Called for “strengthening its role on the world stage.”

To the DPRK snowMoscow once joined the sanctions.

These sanctions apply to Pyongyang snowshi his rocket and to conduct nuclear tests according to set.


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