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Android 13 will inform the user about the applications that cause the most power consumption

Not yet officially presented Android 13 A new feature is being developed for and this function covers the power consumption of the smartphone. So. that, The new feature, which will be integrated into Android 13, will inform the user about the most energy-intensive application of the smartphone in the background. Notification to user 24 hours during this and or when another application consumes more energy than normal. This feature will cover all remaining applications except some applications. A few years ago, an attempt was made to add a battery-powered notification feature to Android applications. However, this feature was rejected because it quickly annoyed users. A new feature is being developed on this issue 24 hours will reflect only once during.

Information to the system user Foreground which provides in service mode and or if it detects that another application is causing high power consumption, the system waits first that, let the detected application complete its operation. If the application has a high power consumption even after the end of the operation, then the system sends a notification to the user. In addition, notifications about long-running applications in the background are also provided. Conversation, per day in the background during 20 hours of running applications. It should be noted that, This feature applies to some system applications and including virtual keyboard, VPN applications and s. will not cover services.

Azerbaijan news

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