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Bulgaria refuses Russian gas

Bulgaria in response to military aggression against Ukraine Russia gasrefuses, Azerbaijan, Algeria and Qatar gasgo through. This was stated by Bulgarian Finance Minister Asen Vasilyev Milli said in an interview with radio. According to him according to, Bulgaria will not extend contract with Gazprom The contract expires in July 2022. Vasilyev made this decision Ukraine situation around and Russia to this country snowHe said it was linked to military aggression.

Bulgaria Russia gasgiving up its demand in Algeria and It will pay for it by buying compressed gas from Qatar, as well as by increasing gas supplies from Azerbaijan.

In this case, there can be no talks with Gazprom to extend the contract. Bulgaria’s energy resources Qatar and Will pay from alternative suppliers such as Algeria. As well as Greece and “By using the existing infrastructure with Turkey, it will receive compressed natural gas, including increasing gas imports from Azerbaijan,” he said.

Recall that, On the basis of an agreement signed in 2013, Azerbaijan sent to Bulgaria via the TAP pipeline 1 per year billion cubic meters of gas. However, the TAP pipeline 2020Although launched at the end of the year in Greece and Due to years of delays in the construction of the Greek-Bulgarian interconnector gas pipeline by pro-Russian forces in Bulgaria, the gas could not enter Bulgaria in full.

Depending on Russia in Bulgaria political from the defeat of the forces in the elections and Greek company that built the official Sofia interconnector pipeline after the new coalition came to power snowHe demanded that the work be completed by June 2022. This is from that date trustmost intended from Azerbaijan 1 billion cubic meters of gas. This is about 30 percent of Bulgaria’s gas needs. (Recall that, Management of the Bulgarian company Bulgargaz Russia secret deals with according to fired and Criminal proceedings have been instituted against them, including former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov for corruption according to arrested.)

Earlier, Poland announced plans to abandon Russian gas. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on March 18 that, The program of “derusification” of the country’s economy is launched. This program is from Russian oil and It also means giving up gas. The representative of the Polish government for strategic energy infrastructure, Petr Naimski, said that, The long-term gas supply agreement with Russia expires this year and that contract will not be extended. At present, Poland receives about half of the contracted gas from Russia and it has the opportunity to provide it at the expense of alternative sources. Of Poland national energy company PGNiG is already in talks.


Azerbaijan news

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