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What can Moscow and Kyiv understand?

This week Russia army fails to make significant progress in Ukraine, number of offensive operations decreases, weather and artillery attacks were diluted. According to the British Ministry of Defense that, Ukraine facing fierce resistance from the military Russia troops are likely to have difficulty organizing offensive operations. Britain The military intelligence said that the occupying army was taking measures to compensate for the loss of life in Ukraine. Probably according to, Russia will try to keep the territories it has captured so far with the help of a new manpower it is trying to mobilize.

A US defense official told reporters that, Although Russia’s attack on Ukraine has hit the wall, the Kremlin has no hope of retreating. Technical in offensive operations and Despite logistical difficulties, Russia has not reduced the intensity of the fighting.

Thus, the war continues, in parallel with Turkey and Europe ceasefire with Russian leadership of leaders and conducts peace talks. Two days ago, Turkish Foreign Minister M. Cavusoglu Moscow and Colleagues in Kiev S. Lavrov and He met with D. Kuleba. The Minister said that, It is possible to reach an agreement, there are issues on which both sides can withdraw.

Yesterday, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Trass Ukraine He expressed skepticism about the ongoing talks between Russia and Russia. Speaking to The Times, the minister said Russia was regrouping its military forces from the talks and believes that he used to prepare for the attack: “If they had taken the talks seriously, they would not have chaotically bombed civilians on the day of the talks,” he said. What we see is an attempt by the Russians to create an environment for regrouping their forces. We do not see any serious proposals for the withdrawal of Russian troops or at the negotiating table. The Russians lied and they will say. I’m scared that, these talks are distracting next time and to create a fog. ”

Russian President Vldamir Putin German Chancellor Hollande has complained to Scholz that, Ukraine extends peace talks to Russia snowIt makes unrealistic demands and delays reaching an agreement. Such a conclusion can be drawn from this statement that, The Kremlin leader wants a peace agreement. Because it is no longer possible to hide the scale of military losses in Ukraine, according to the latest information according to5 general About 15,000 people were killed, including 20 There are more than a thousand poor. The financial costs of the war under sanctions snowit gets harder every day.

And Ukraine and Ceasefire between Russia and Is peace possible? On what issues can the parties withdraw to reach an agreement?

Political scientist Farhad Mammadov believes that, Russia’s attempt to occupy Ukraine has been going on for more than three weeks that, Continue and The Kremlin will not stop this activity. The expert recalls that, The Russian government’s specific plan for the talks has not been announced. “That is, when all plans come to a standstill, the Russian government will say that, this is what we plan “– the expert added.

The political scientist recalled the goals announced at the beginning of the war: “The most important thing for Russia is:

– Recognition of Crimea as Russia’s territorial integrity;

– Recognition of “LNR”, “DNR”;

NATOGuaranteed not to enter.

These absurd allegations are also made by the Russian side:

– Disarmament of Ukraine;

– Denasification;

– Granting state status to the Russian language;

– Ukraine’s attempt to develop a nuclear weapon snowget the bottle;

– Abolition of biolaboratories that produce anti-Slavic viruses. It’s as if Ukrainians are not Slavs. “

Farhad Mammadov says that, Ukraine’s position is simple and is clear:

“Occupy all the territories of Ukraine free making;

– Free choice of foreign policy vector.

What can and cannot Ukraine do?

According to the representative of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, some issues can be agreed. There are some absurd ones among them, but as Kalinin said, “Russia needs to keep its face.”

NATOnot to enter: we can say that, There is an agreement. Fictitious commitments, such as affirming the country’s non-nuclear status, may also be put forward “to save its face.” In fact, we know that, There is no such issue on Ukraine’s agenda.

– Closure of biological laboratories – it is possible to write decisions on their closure;

“Denasification – Ukraine can declare that it does not accept Nazism in any form.”

According to the political scientist, serious discussions can be held on the issue of disarmament in Ukraine: “Of course, Ukraine cannot be without armed forces, especially after the war. I think that, Russia’s main demand is in the country NATO non-deployment of missiles and s.-dir. But Ukraine also has new guarantors of its security, such as the Great Britain and It can promote Turkey. Experience has shown that, The United States, the guarantor of the country’s security Britain and Russia has failed in its functions. Russia even went to occupy Ukraine “.

F.Mammadov says that, the most controversial issue in Crimea and recognition of so-called republics. According to him according toThe legitimate government of Ukraine can not agree with this: “Russia had hoped that the puppet government, which was supposed to replace Zelensky, would do so, but it did not work out,” he said. The Ukrainian government says that, Even if Russia invades all of Ukraine, in any case, Crimea and they will not recognize the independence of the so-called republics. This will never happen! But will the Russian leadership accept secondary issues and keep the issue of recognition in the future ?!

Undoubtedly that, Instead of removing these issues from the agenda, Russia will demand a number of points: Central Banklifting sanctions on US banks’ reserves, complete disarmament of the road from Russia to Crimea, ensuring uninterrupted water supply. Recognition of Crimea as Russian territory and s ”.

The political scientist reports that, much depends on the situation on the front: “The processes taking place here can have a serious impact both on the negotiation process and within the countries,” he said. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there that, stop military operations and process political– to be transferred to the diplomatic level “.


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