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Prohibitions on Russian artists help Putin …

Occupier with the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine Russia Everything about it has begun to be determined by the approach to this war. Western institutions are suspending cooperation with Russian artists. This step is sometimes theirs PutinSometimes it’s just that they’re Russian, because it’s very close to Russia.

Music companies such as Sony have suspended operations in Russia, laying off hundreds of people. The Royal Opera House in London has canceled the summer season, when the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater also gave concerts.

Montreal Symphony Orchestra 20-old elderly pianist Alexander Malofeyevhas postponed three concerts in However, Malofeyev made this statement in public: “It simply came to our notice then and or in advance according to this is terrible we do not know and bloody decision according to every Russian will feel guilty for decades. Even artists who have long since passed away are excluded from such repertoires. The Cardiff Philharmonic of Wales is a 19th-century liberal and removed homosexual Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky from his repertoire. Tchaikovsky had nothing to do with nationalism. “

All these steps lead to Putin’s war snowWhat is its purpose other than solidarity? The Washington Post writes that, this symbol and emotional protests do nothing but deprive sensitive artists of their livelihoods and put them at risk. Moreover, it is to treat artists not as individuals, but as cultural representatives of Russia’s great ideas. And this to the Russians Europe and The United States allegedly told them snowConfirmation of opinions on the existence of andIt could also lead to a further strengthening of Putin’s increasingly hard-line dictatorship.

As for the artists, they are in a very difficult situation. Now they are on Putin’s policy protest Although they are under severe pressure to do so, it is up to them in their homeland and can pose great risks to their families. Moreover, these protests are their concert and will not affect decisions on the cancellation of exhibitions.

The situation of artists working in Russia is more risky. Objection it could mean the end of their careers, their being attacked, their closure of public spaces.

Nizhny Novgorod State Academic Opera and Artistic director of the Ballet Theater Ivan Velikanov is one of those who face this risk alive. He was to conduct the opera The Wedding of Figaro at the State Academic Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. But to his war snowAfter a short speech, Beethoven’s leadership of the “Chamber of Happiness” changed everything. The decision to remove Velikanov from the stage is direct president was adopted at the level of. Vladimir Urin, the director general of the Bolshoi Theater, could not do anything about it. Uri himself has openly stated his opposition to the war. However, he does not want his theater to cross Putin’s red line.

Some Russian celebrities either openly support Putin’s policies or try to distance themselves from him. Conductor recently fired from the Munich Philharmonic Valeri Qerqiyev He is known as a supporter of Putin. The newspaper writes that, During the staging of 19th-century ballets at the Mariinsky Theater, Gergiyev himself was keen to portray Russia’s enemies from an ethnic point of view.

Gergiyev is also one of 500 artists who signed a letter in 2014 supporting Putin’s annexation of Crimea.

Donating money to an opera house in the separatist Donbas region of Ukraine Anna Netrebko also to the pro-Putin position according to was punished. New York Metropolitan Opera PutinHe recently cut ties with her for not speaking out.

The famous ballerina was born in Lutsk, Ukraine, but considers herself a Russian artist Svetlana Zakharova Putinin Vahid Russia From his party parliamentwas elected a member. To this position according to he is already Kyiv will not be able to teach ballet school.


Azerbaijan news

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