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Sanctions are crushing Guba farmers – it is impossible to import apples to Russia


Farmers in Guba, who export apples to Russia, are in a difficult situation due to the sharp depreciation of the ruble against the dollar, as well as problems with the transportation of goods to this country. As the ruble continues to depreciate, truck owners are demanding that transportation costs be paid in dollars. Moreover, only the transportation fee is final 20 increased two or three times a day to $ 3,000.

Guba peasants-farmers said that, The products, which cost a lot of money, remained in cold storage. Demand in the local market is low, exports to Ukraine have stopped, Russia it is not profitable to bring goods to the market.

Refrigerated warehouses leave time

“We pay 40 manats for a ton of products to cold storages. Far-fetched 10We have to empty the warehouses in 15 days. because 10It is not profitable for the entrepreneur to use warehouses with a capacity of 0-150 tons for 40-50 tons of products. The light of it and There are other costs, ”said one of the farmers. He added that, remote 5-10 were forced to find a buyer for the day. Or they will have to throw away their apples.

Farmer Elvin Khalilov said that, In addition to the produce grown in their garden, they also bought apples from other farmers. Russia they planned to sell it on the market. But now the ruble has depreciated so much against the dollar that, products Russia Even if they enter the market, they will not be able to cover any transportation costs with the proceeds from the sale. In addition to transportation, there are labor costs, customs duties, accommodation and meals.

He bought 1 manat in the fall and now sells it for 2 kopecks

E. Khalilov spoke that, In autumn, they offer apples for 70 kopecks-1 manat for 45-50 kopecks, but there are very few buyers. Some peasants – farmers do not benefit from storing products in cold storage. That’s it according to Instead of throwing it in the garbage, they sell it to the juice factory in Khachmaz for 2-4 kopecks: “Refrigerated warehouses have left time from March 25 to the end of the month. After that, the refrigerators will be turned off. Last year, I sold my apples at the Meyveli market for 2 manats per kilogram. I am selling for 50 kopecks this year, but I can’t find a buyer. “

Peasants-farmers say that, Large companies can export apples to Kazakhstan and Turkey. But it is difficult for small farmers to find a new market. The longer the road, the higher the costs.

Vahid Ahmadov: “Of course that, problems have arisen ”

Deputy Vahid Ahmadov said that, is aware of the issue and the problem is serious. Sanctions were imposed on Russia to overthrow the state. In particular, the suspension of money transfers creates serious difficulties.

“Azerbaijan’s relations with Russia are 3.2 billion has a trade turnover of about $. Of course that, certain problems arise. The ruble has become much cheaper, which is beneficial for companies and entrepreneurs importing goods and products. “Those who export goods from Azerbaijan do not benefit from the depreciation of the ruble,” Ahmadov said.

Our interviewee thinks so that, If the process continues for another 10 days, serious problems will arise. She according to Entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan should also consider selling their products using other options. (virtualaz)

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