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Biden is coming to Europe with new sanctions for Russia

During this visit of the President of the United States NATOG7 group and Europe He will discuss with Russian leaders Russia’s intervention in Ukraine
U.S. President Co Biden in Brussels this week Europe to Russia while meeting with its allies snowwill announce new sanctions
Information about this White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan gave.
He said on March 22 that, The new package of sanctions will be announced on March 24 together with the allies.
Sullivan said that, This time, not only will new sanctions be added, but the focus will be on measures to stop Russia from evading existing sanctions.
During this visit of the President of the United States NATOG7 group and Europe With the leaders of the Union countries, Russia is unfounded in Ukraine and will discuss unreasonable intervention.
Biden during this visit as well NATO ally will visit Poland. This country has so far 3.5 million Ukraine provided shelter to 2 million refugees.
Russia It can also be removed from the G20
This is also reported that, Biden During his visit, he will announce joint measures to strengthen Europe’s energy security.
The talks will focus on ways to free the European Union from Russia’s energy dependence.
The European Union is currently unable to agree on energy sanctions against Russia.
This is also reported that, Biden will raise the issue of Russia’s exclusion from the G20.
Russia before that, it was expelled from the G8 group after annexing Crimea in 2014.
The group has since been known as the G7.
China’s assistance to Russia has not been observed
Russia to Ukraine snowThe aggression was condemned by most countries of the world. However, a number of countries, including China, have condemned the conflict, although the United States and The West to Russia snowdid not join the sanctions.
Earlier, in a conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Biden warned Beijing not to support Russia in the conflict.
It was reported in some reports last week that, Technical from Moscow to Beijing and asked for financial help. Both Russiabut Chinese officials denied that such an appeal had been made.
Sullivan said on March 22 that, So far, no assistance has been provided from China to Russia and Washington continues to control the issue.


Azerbaijan news

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