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Hackers have stolen the source code of several Microsoft projects

Apparently, Lapsus $ hacker group called Samsungas the next target after Microsoft chose the company. The information about it belongs to the hacker group in question Telegram posted via photo on the channel. According to the information provided, hackers are most likely that, Microsoft Azure DevOps have acquired their repositories. As evidence, hackers Cortana voice assistant source code and Bing presented a photo of the database, which includes several projects based on the search engine. Microsoft has not yet confirmed the data leak. However, according to reports, the company has already launched an internal investigation.

It should be noted that, a hacker group called Lapsus $ some time ago as well NVIDIA and Samsung companies snowhad carried out cyber attacks. However, these companies did not say that there were any demands from hackers. As for the leak of the database on some Microsoft products, there is no information on how the hackers did it. But most likely that, The hackers carried out a cyber attack on the user account of one of the company’s employees. Microsoft has already mentioned that, Leakage of source codes of its products does not pose great risks to the company’s customers.

Azerbaijan news

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