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Meta is officially recognized as an extremist organization in Russia

Moscow’s Tver court Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and s. having services Meta recognized the company as an extremist organization. Judge Meta Platformshas decided to ban its activities in Russia. Appointed in court that, The decision to suspend the company’s activities came into force from the moment of its announcement. During the trial, the prosecutor said that, decision made Whatsapp does not cover the messenger. So. that, Whatsapp social does not have a network function. So in Russia Facebook Instagram will be severely restricted.

However, individuals using Meta services and organizations will not be held accountable. “Physics and The use of Meta products by legal entities should not be considered as their involvement in extremist activities. These people will not be prosecuted for using Meta products, ”the prosecutor said. Users in Russia and The question remains whether companies will participate in the purchase of ads on Meta services.

According to lawyers, the purchase of advertising on the services of the company can be considered as financing of extremist activities. It should be noted that, in Russia some time ago Facebook Instagram was blocked by. Meta company Russia with Ukraine against the background of the war between So. that, the company in its services to the Russian military snowallowed the sharing of opinions covering calls for violence. Just after that Russia The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Federation appealed to the court and He demanded that Meta be recognized as an extremist organization.

Azerbaijan news

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