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Samsung patents smartphone with a screen that completely covers the body (VIDEO)

Samsung The company has patented a smartphone with a screen that completely covers the body. Based on official documents covering the smartphone patented by the company, a concept video of the device has already been prepared. Conceptual video showed what the final version of such a smartphone could look like. Of the United States UPSTO The design of the patent conceptual device registered in the department called and reveals controls. It was noted in the report that, The screen of such a smartphone supports stylus control. However, the screen of the smartphone has front and back panels and including completely covering the outer parts.

In this case, the outer parts of the smartphone are touch buttons designed to adjust the volume and used to display application icons. With this method, the user can quickly switch to applications. LetsGoDigital The designers of the site are also based on patent documents for the said smartphone 3D rendering They also prepared photos. As expected, the device can also have a separate place to store the stylus. In addition, it can be seen in the rendering photos that, At the top of the smartphone screen is a triple front camera.

The on / off button is on the top of the smartphone, USB Type-C the entrance is located in the lower part. It is assumed that, this and or a simple finger gesture will be enough to transfer information with other content from the screen on the front panel to the screen on the back panel. for example GalleryWhile all sorted photos in will be located on the back panel, the user-selected specific photo will be on the front panel. It is unknown at this time whether Samsung will develop a commercial version of the device. The smartphone in question is still that, available on patent documents.

Azerbaijan news

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