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A group of hackers who carried out a cyber attack on Microsoft has now hacked Vodafone’s servers

Yesterday news was given that, Lapsus $ hacker group called Microsoft stole the source codes of some of the company’s products. Now it is known that, that hacker group is popular Vodafone to the mobile network operator snowhas also carried out a cyber attack. According to hackers, they are the result of a cyber attack 200 GB stole a database of The stolen data includes source codes, which mainly cover Vodafone’s software.

Stolen information GitHubof In the repository of 5000 pieces posted. In addition to data from Vodafone, Lapsus $ is also from Portugal Impresa source code with a database of a media corporation called and dealing with e-commerce MercadoLibre with MercadoPago stole company source codes. Following the cyber attacks, the hacker group has its own Telegram The channel first asked which of the stolen source codes should be publicly shared.

Vodafone led the survey. Vodafone said that, he is currently investigating the matter through law enforcement. In addition, representatives of the mobile network operator said that, There is no user data in the stolen database. It should be noted that, the hacker group in question is Vodafone and In addition to Microsoft some time ago as well Samsung and NVIDIA companies snowhad also carried out cyber attacks.

Azerbaijan news

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