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Russia will sell gas in rubles

RIA already Russia currency appreciation, a dollarsof 10It is reported to have fallen below 0 rubles

Russia To “unfriendly” countries gaswill sell in rubles. That’s it Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin he said.

“It simply came to our notice then and Delivered to the US instead dollars and There is no point in buying euros. She according to I also decided to take comprehensive measures to transfer the payment as soon as possible. Of course gaswe start with ourselves. Natural gas we send to so-called unfriendly countries according to payment must be in Russian rubles. In other words, we give up currencies that have lost their credibility in these settlements. “ He said.

Putin noted that, gas the volume of shipments in accordance with the agreed contracts and delivered at prices.

RIA reports that the Russian currency has already appreciated dollarsof 10It is reported to have fallen below 0 rubles. Those who want to buy gas from Russia must now get currency on the Moscow stock exchange.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. Putin goal “demilitarization” of Ukraine and He said there was a “denasification.”

Kremlin measures

The West has announced tough financial sanctions on Moscow, and a number of well-known brands have suspended operations in the country.

The Kremlin has called the West’s move an economic war. Russia Banktakes measures to stabilize the situation in the foreign exchange market. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that, government sanctions snowin the plan prepared by 10There are about 0 initiatives. The plan is said to be worth a trillion rubles.

Putin recently signed a decree on regional judge a number of responsibilities are placed on the bodies. They are social raise wages, ensure product price stability, and monitor the situation in the labor market. Putin said that pensions, the subsistence level and the salaries of state employees will be raised.


Azerbaijan news

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