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Russians whose Instagram revenues have been cut

Other influencers try to direct their subscribers to other platforms, but this is a difficult process.

You have been following Instagram for years and It’s a day of days social the platform also connects like the others. In Russia social network influencers, photographers, artists, models and others have faced uncertainty. The government bans US-based platforms, the Kremlin says snowIt strictly controls the coverage of the war.

RFE / RL correspondent Todd Prince, from a fitness trainer in Vladivostok to young importers in Siberia and a photographer in Dagestan, has caught the eye of many. social writes that he hired someone to deal with the network. They posted content at certain times of the day. Sometimes they collaborate with other bloggers, advertising each other and increasing the number of subscribers and earnings.

9 years that disappear in a day

Earnings from Instagram are now facing uncertainty. Of course that, this, Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinis not comparable to the horrors of the war in neighboring Ukraine. Thousands killed in war Ukraine of the population 10 About a million were displaced from their homes.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is as if my life and work are blocked. Why according to Was I punished? ” – On the Instagram page @ sveta_13 A popular photographer who shared his hashtag wrote on his page on March 12.

Hate policy

Roskomnadzor began blocking Instagram on March 14. This was due to the fact that the owner of the media platform, Meta, temporarily allowed Ukrainians to express hatred for the occupying Russian soldiers.

Moscow The court upheld the ban on March 21, citing Instagram’s hate policy according to Called “extremist.”

According to analysts, Russia The government is using this temporary change to Meta’s hate policy to ban popular Instagram, which is uncontrolled in the country. A few days ago, another Meta platform Facebookas well as Twitter blocked in Russia, their Russian state media snowreported discrimination.

Although many Russians use platforms through VPNs, the service is slowing down.

“Digital Iron Curtain”

The ban on social media is seen as part of Putin’s “digital iron curtain” policy. The aim is for the state to control the dissemination of information within the country.

The government has banned the attack on Ukraine from being called a “war” and uses the term “special operation.”

Author Putin 20He recalls that in 00, the government began to take control of the media in the first weeks. O, NTV and He exercised Kremlin control over the ORT. These two are great TV channelowners had to flee the country.

2010In the 1930s, more and more citizens received information from social media. Putin attacked this area. In 2014, a tycoon close to the Kremlin Alilion Usmanov VKontakte took over the social media company. This is a platform Facebookis an analogue of. Usmanov sold Vkontakte to Sogas last year. The company is partly a longtime friend of Putin Yuri Kovalchukbelongs to.

A new level of censorship

Last years Putin US government Twitter, Facebook and Youtube targeted social media platforms, demanding the removal of content it did not like.

The latest bans take state censorship “to a whole new level,” according to Human Rights Watch Rachel Denber He told RFE / RL.

“Earlier, they demanded the removal of unwanted content from social media platforms, but now they are taking advantage of the opportunity to take full control of information in the country. They are starting to turn the Internet into a zone of repression. “ – Denber said.

Instagram is historically Facebook and Less than Twitter political was considered a platform. The content here is more about fashion, beauty, art, travel, photography.

In this network, which is very popular in Russia, shop owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers promote their business.

“Great loss”


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