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The UK will receive gold and other precious metals from the processing of e-waste

Britain Royal Mint (produce coins for currency and percussion industrial object) announced that, The construction of a plant for the processing of electronic waste will begin by the end of this month. Smartphones and computers in the same factory and other electronic devices circuit boards will be processed. Factory It will be commissioned in 2023 and it will be able to obtain 99% of precious metals from the processing of circuit boards. As a result, these metals will be reusable. The initial agreement for the construction of the plant was reached in October 2021.

Canada under the agreement reached Excir The startup was to introduce a new technology that would allow it to extract useful metals from circuit boards. According to the information provided, the new technology created by the specialists uses 99% of the circuit boards at room temperature by chemical means. gold, silver, palladium and mis can be obtained. It was noted in the report that, designed for processing factory It will be built in South Wales. It should be noted that, Britain The Royal Mint is located in South Wales.

According to expectations, the enterprise will operate during the week 90 tons will be able to process electronic waste in the amount of This, in turn, will allow to produce hundreds of kilograms of gold a year. Silver and palladium from electronic waste and The process of obtaining copper will be carried out in the next stage. According to the information 2019-2020in the years 53.6 million tons produced electronic waste in the amount of Only from them 17.4%-i bu and or processed by other means. It must also be taken into account that, also toxic in electronic waste and Toxic substances are also present. That’s it according to as well as their impact on the environment snowyou need to buy a bottle.

Azerbaijan news

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