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Turkey is the only country that really defends Ukraine


Well-known economist, 2000-20In the 05s Russia Andrei Illarionov, a former adviser to President Putin and now head of the Institute for Economic Analysis and a researcher at the Washington Center for Security Studies, cited Turkey as an example when accusing Western countries of weak support for Ukraine. UkraineIn an interview with Channel 24, he said:

“Turkey does not make statements or adopt resolutions. Turkey only “BayraktarIt doesn’t help by giving, he did the most important thing. Closed the throats, the Bosphorus and Dardaneli. In the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, a group of Russian ships is unable to cross the straits. If they pass, Ukraine coast they would pose a real threat to their cities. Nikolayev and Odessa has long been under fire from these ships with cruise missiles or other weapons. But Turkey is three weeks that, onları If not only Turkey, not only the United States, but only Turkey, one NATO Ukraine’s biggest task is to protect Ukraine by not allowing a real force into the Black Sea basin according to If you know, then see: USA, NATO What could they do if they really decided to defend Ukraine? ”

Illarionov called Russia’s repeated threats to the world with statements that it could use nuclear weapons, and the West’s “fear” that it was a “four-handed game.”

This is a “four-handed” game. Someone pretends to be like that that, as if frightening, and the other pretends to be that, supposedly scared. And This gives him a reason not to be able to provide real assistance to Ukraine and not to want to do so. “

Azerbaijan news

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