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When will the iPhone with the front camera located at the bottom of the screen be introduced?

According to insiders Apple The company has a front camera that will be placed at the bottom of the screen iPhone Work has already begun on. In addition, insiders have announced when such an iPhone model will be introduced. Thus, according to the information provided Apple In 2023 iPhone 15 Pro models will realize a new type of screen. It was noted in the report that, Face ID company to place the front camera at the bottom of the screen with the system Samsungwill use the screen that will be produced by. Samsung, in turn, first introduced a new type of screen Galaxy Z Foldwill perform in.

It was noted in the report that, Samsung Display company OTI Lumionics cooperates with a company called. The company in question cathode image formation (CPM) created a new kind of organic material for. New types of organic material created in cathode layers and OLED allows you to open microscopically transparent windows in screen pixels. According to insiders, it is through this technology Apple will integrate the Face ID system at the bottom of the iPhone screen and in this case, there will be no loss in the quality of the system.

It will be presented this year iPhone 14 Pro models will act as a kind of transition models. It was mentioned in previous reports that, This year’s iPhone 14 Pro models will not have the traditional wide protrusion on the screens. Instead, 2 small protrusions will be placed on the screens. One of them will be round and the other will be slightly elongated. Name iPhone 14 with iPhone 14 Max On the screens of the models, the traditional protrusion is expected to remain.

Azerbaijan news

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