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Azerbaijan did not participate in the Ukrainian vote again

Russian aggression on March 2 snowAzerbaijan did not take part in the voting on the resolution
UN The General Assembly on March 24 addressed the civilian population in Ukraine and calling for the protection of civilian infrastructure and passed a resolution calling for an immediate end to the war in the country.
This document has no legal force and is for recommendation only.
However, how a country votes on this resolution depends on the country as a whole and Russia on Ukraine snowdemonstrated his attitude to aggression.
140 out of 193 member countries voted in favor of the resolution.
38 countries abstained. Iran and Pakistan are among the neutrals and Along with India, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and There is also Tajikistan.
These 4 Central Asian countries belong to the Russian-led Eurasian Union and They are included in the CSTO bloc.
Most of the neutrals represent the African continent.
Turkey and Georgia
Turkey and Georgia supported the resolution.
Russia along with only four countries – Syria, Belarus and North Korea and Eritrea voted against the resolution.
Azerbaijan is not among any of these three groups. This happens when no country votes at all.
Russian aggression on March 2 snowAzerbaijan did not take part in the voting on the resolution.
Turkmenistan and Several other countries did not comment on the resolution at all.
The resolution calls on Russia to stop its aggression against Ukraine and its attacks on civilians.
The document strongly condemns Russia’s creation of a “terrible” humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


Azerbaijan news

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