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Future astronauts may have difficulty communicating due to the low speed of sound on Mars

Scientists Mars which is on the surface of the planet Perseverance analyzed the sounds recorded by the device and determined the speed of sound propagation on the planet. It turned out that, The speed of sound on Mars is lower than the speed of sound on Earth. However, scientists have identified an interesting fact. So. that, different sound frequencies move at different speeds on Mars. As a result, future astronauts will have difficulty communicating on the surface of Mars snowthey will swell. NASAThe Perseverance spacecraft landed on Mars in February last year Jezero had landed in a crater called.

Since then, the device has been observing the planet. There are 2 microphones among the instruments owned by the device. That’s it according to also any person from NASA on the site You can listen to the sounds on Mars. Scientists, in turn, were able to determine the speed of sound on Mars by analyzing the audio data collected by the device. By analyzing the sounds of fire fired at Mars by a special laser owned by the device, the scientists studied the speed at which the sound from the laser hitting the rocks reached the device’s microphone.

As a result, it became known that, Sound on Mars 240 meters per second spreads rapidly. And the sound on earth weather inside 335 meters per second spreads rapidly. In addition, scientists have appointed that, On Mars, different sound frequencies move at different speeds. So. that, 400 HzThe speed at the indicator above is approx per second 10 meters becomes higher. And that means that, It will not be easy to talk on Mars. So. that, Individual speech sounds will reach the ear of the listener at different times.

Azerbaijan news

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