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Insiders have provided new information about the iPhone 14

It will be presented this year iPhone 14 new information was given about They confirmed the new information that, Apple This year, the usual iPhone 14 models will be equipped with an older processor. But there is a small nuance in this issue. According to insiders, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models last year 5 nanometer A15 Bionic will be equipped with a slightly improved version of the processor. However, the company has the same processor A16 will present under the name. iPhone 14 Pro while the processor is designed for models 4 nanometers will be developed on the basis of technological process and A16 Pro will get the name. In this case Apple It is unknown to what extent the company will improve the processor last year.

It may be that, chat, GPU cores goes to increase. It should be noted that, the same method as the company iPhone 13 had also performed in the series. So. that, adi iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini There is a difference of 1 GPU core between models and Pro models. It was noted in the report that, The company took this step due to limited production capacity. So. that, company for new devices M2 and Will have to produce A16 processors. In this case, the production lines will operate in loaded mode. In addition, the fact that conventional models are equipped with a slightly improved version of last year’s processor, in turn, will reduce costs. According to some reports, the price of the iPhone 14 will start at $ 799, and the price of the iPhone 14 Max will start at $ 899.

Azerbaijan news

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