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Nothing has announced its first smartphone, a user interface and ecosystem called Nothing OS

OnePlus former co-founder of the company Carl Pei created by Nothing brand held a new event. As part of the event, the company launched its first smartphone, Nothing OS called user interface and announced the ecosystem. Although the company’s smartphone was not exhibited at the event, it was noted that it will be presented in the summer. In addition, some features of Carl Pei Nothing OS and gave information about the company’s plans. So said Carl Pei that, of the company Nothing Phone (1) The first smartphone will be introduced in the summer of this year. One of the main features of the smartphone Android There will be a user interface called Basic Nothing OS. This user interface will combine the best aspects of Android and as well as providing a faster operating process by eliminating the need for a large number of system applications. According to the information, a minimum number of system applications will be implemented in the user interface.

The developers provide users with streaming animation, integrated voice recorder, widgets within the user interface. and will present a monochrome interface. It is expected that Nothing OS will work not only on smartphones, but also on other devices from Nothing. In addition, the company Nothing OS Launcherwill also use. The launcher will be available for some Android smartphones next month. Carl Pei also mentioned it that, Nothing brandy Qualcomm cooperates with. However, there is no information about which processor from Qualcomm will be used in the smartphone, which will be introduced in the summer.

However, it became known that, Nothing Phone (1) smartphone operating system update for 3 years and It will receive security updates within 4 years. At the end of the event, Carl Pei announced the ecosystem of the Nothing brand. In the future, this ecosystem will include other devices of the company. Said Carl Pei that, company in the creation of an individual ecosystem Applewill be inspired by. So. that, Apple flowing between their own devices and devices of other brands snowwas able to create a system of communication. What technical specifications will the smartphone model Nothing Phone (1) have? and It is unknown at what price it will be sold.

Azerbaijan news

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