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Biden will go to the Polish-Ukrainian border

Russia to Ukraine on March 25 snowThe second month of the Cold War began.

The day before President Volodymyr Zelenski NATO and Europe Joint work to support the Union of Ukraine, the imposition of sanctions on Russia according to thanked, but criticized the fact that these steps were not taken earlier. In his opinion, in this case Russia would think again about the occupation.

March 24 NATOLeaders of 30 countries, the Big Seven and EU 27 member sanctions and They announced additional assistance to Ukraine.

The United States is discussing increasing LNG sales to the EU

President of the United States Cho Biden Ukraine 1 billion announces $ 1 billion aid package He is on March 25 Europe President of the Commission Ursula von der LeyenHe will then travel to Warsaw for talks with Polish energy leaders and will discuss refugee issues.

Biden Poland-Ukraine It will also visit the Ukrainian city of Rzeszow, 80 km from the Ukrainian border.

Russia to Ukraine snowThe war forced more than 4 million people to flee the country, leaving tens of thousands without food or basic services.

Biden and von der Leyen are from the United States Europe Union liquefied natural gas (LNG) will discuss agreements to increase transportation. The goal is to end the bloc’s energy dependence on Russia.

The southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol is located between Russian-annexed Crimea and eastern-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. For weeks, thousands of people have been short of water, food, medicine and electricity.

Mariupol, Kyiv situation around

Ukraine He hopes that on March 25, civilians will be able to leave Mariupol in private cars. This was done by the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk he said.

Ukraine forces capital Kyiv from some places around Russia withdrew its forces, anchored near Mariupol Russia reports hitting a navy ship.

The British Ministry of Defense announced on March 25 that it had withdrawn its defensive positions in the Ukrainian cities, 35 km east of Kiev.

According to the Ministry according toUkrainian forces snowThey will try to push the east side from Kiev to Gostomel airport, located northwest.

“Logistics issues and “Ukrainian resistance” makes it difficult for Russia to lay siege to the southern city of Mykolayiv, the ministry said.

Missiles fired at the Dnieper

On the evening of March 24, Russian forces fired two missiles at a military unit near the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. The blows destroyed buildings and started two fires. Of the dead and The number of injured has not been determined yet.

Regional Governor Valentin Reznichenko social writes in the media that the blows caused “serious destruction.”

Zelensky hoped for the Ukrainians in his address last night and tried to convey a message of determination.


Azerbaijan news

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