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How does Elon Musk help Ukraine to destroy Russian tanks?


Starlink satellites launched into space by Ilon Mask’s SpaceX company Ukraine to the army Russia tanks and helps to destroy other techniques.

According to with reference to foreign media according tothe military at night Russia use drones specially equipped with thermal imaging cameras that can detect vehicles.

If we use a thermal vision drone at night, the drone must be connected to the artillery via Starlink and must create a target lock, “said unit commander Yaroslav Gonchar.

Starlink internet system and or allows drone crews to work, even in the event of a power outage.

He explained that, as the night falls Russia troops Ukraine they are in a static state for fear of being shot by his army, to him according to and they are forced to hide their tanks between houses in the countryside, knowing that conventional artillery will not run the risk of killing civilians.

For information according tosection dozens of “priority targets” during night raids, including tanks, personnel, cargo and destroyed other machines.

How Starlink works in Ukraine

Following the revelation of Starlink’s presence in Ukraine, the company’s applicationGoogle Play was the most downloaded program. But it is impossible for an ordinary citizen to connect to satellite internet

All equipment imported to Ukraine is used for critical infrastructure needs. And without it you will not be able to access the global network.

At present, Starlink is for the public sector and defense companies and serves doctors. Now some providers are starting to buy equipment to provide internet in bomb shelters.

How to join Starlink?

To access the Internet, you must first purchase the necessary equipment.

You can order on the official website of Starlink. But you have to understand that, In the current situation, it is impossible to convey this to you.

Azerbaijan news

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