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Kadyrov released a video of children praying for fighters in Ukraine

800 students “read the Holy Quran for a week” for servicemen sent from Chechnya to Ukraine

The leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov Şali released a video of children praying in a mosque. He said Chechen fighters fighting in Ukraine were praying “for the protection of the Almighty God.” This was reported by RFE / RL’s Kavkaz.Realii portal.

They recited the Koran for Chechen fighters

Before that, Grozny and parents around complained that, they force them to send their children to such worship services.

In a video released by Kadyrov’s Telegram, more than 2,000 students from hafiz schools in the republic are called hafiz. and He said that the graduate had gathered. According to him according toanother 800 students “read the Holy Quran non-stop for a week” for servicemen sent from Chechnya to Ukraine.

Actions in support of Russia

On March 23, 1ADAT, a Chechen opposition movement, released a photo from the Grozny mosque. In the photo Russia flag white, sky and Children dressed in red suits were lined up. Later, the parents complained to Kavkaz.Realii about the forced involvement of kindergarten-age children in a flash mob. Otherwise, they will be fired.

March 25 marks one month since Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine. From the North Caucasus in the war and At least 206 servicemen have been killed in southern Russia. They are servicemen known to Kavkaz.Realii, the real figure may be higher.

On March 23, Magas authorities recruited teenagers from the Yunarmiya state movement to raise a Z-letter flag to the 100-meter Reconciliation Tower. Action mayor of the city Usman Aushevwas held on the instructions of. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations also attended the event. They were the ones who hoisted the flag of support for Russia’s aggression on the tower.


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