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Licensing of Android for smartphones produced by Russian companies has been suspended

Mobile Research Group company analyst Eldar Murtazin own Telegram reported on the channel that, Google For smartphones manufactured by local Russian companies Android has stopped licensing the operating system. No exception that, Google also ban the sale of all Android smartphone brands in Russia. It should be noted that, Several local Russian companies are engaged in the production of Android smartphones. The Android platform itself is free and has open source code. However, if the manufacturers are within the platform Google If they want to use their services, they must go through a certification process.

As of March 23, Google has stopped this process for local Russian companies. The company’s statement on this issue is as follows: “The US export law prohibits the export of services to Russia and as well as the provision of software with US-derived technologies. ” Thus, local Russian companies are deprived of access to Google services on their Android smartphones. This process does not cover smartphone manufacturers in other countries. But not at all that, The export of any smartphone with an Android operating system licensed to Russia should also be banned.

Azerbaijan news

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