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Ukrainian troops are reported to be advancing around Kyiv

While on the main highway around the northwest of Kiev Ukraine forces Russia they are trying to besiege their forces

Moscow on March 25 Ukraine signaled a reduction in his ambitions in the war.

According to Reuters according to Moscow says the first phase of its “special operation” in Ukraine is over and He said the focus would now be on pro-Russian separatist-held territory.

But before that Ukraine of troops Russia It is reported that the forces withdrew from the suburbs of the capital Kiev.

Despite the fact that more than a month has passed since the beginning of the aggressive intervention in Ukraine Russia forces have not been able to take control of a single major city in Ukraine.

Reuters writes that, president Volodymyr Zelenskiattack by Russian troops facing fierce resistance from the warriors of Kyiv suspended around.

Russian forces have failed to make significant progress elsewhere in the country.

It is for these reasons that the Russian forces in the city of Ukraine and aerial villages and intensified artillery fire.

A quarter of Ukraine’s 44 million people are bombed according to was expelled from his home.

Britain intelligence information

Britain of intelligence reportis called that, Kyiv Movement on the front lines froze nearby.

North-west of the capital and Russia’s two main convoys of armored vehicles are stranded in the eastern part of the country and Ukrainian forces retaliated by pushing Russian forces east of Kiev:

“Ukraine’s counter-attacks and Withdrawal of Russian forces and Excessive length of supply lines for Ukrainian troops in the city 35 kilometers east of Kiev and allowed him to seize defensive positions.

Reuters writes that, A new statement from the Russian Defense Ministry said that the targets were limited and the operation was largely completed and Russian forces then called on the Donbas region tofree It is understood that

Chief of the Main Operations Department of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Sergey Rutskoy made the following statement:

“The offensive potential of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has significantly decreased.”and This is our main goal – the Donbas free It allows us to focus on

A diplomatic source in Moscow said that, This statement sounds like a prelude to the possible exhaustion of Russia’s attack in Ukraine:

“Their war targets were wider than the Donbas,” he said and is wider and Inadequate coordination of troops’ attacks on various fronts has resulted in the fragmentation of forces.

Ukrainians are preparing a battlefield

Mayor of Borispol, east of Kiev Volodymyr Borisenko he said that, in this area 20 thousand people are evacuated.


Azerbaijan news

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