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Why does Russia want to sell gas in rubles?

“It simply came to our notice then Russia to form demand for the ruble in the world market and is trying to turn it into a convertible currency. ”

It’s economic and Social Head of the Development Center Rashad Hasanov to Europe gasHe clarified the meaning of Russia’s decision to pay only in rubles.

“The main goal here is from Russia gas to achieve the accumulation of rubles, especially by unfriendly countries. That is, if those countries pay in rubles, it is mandatory that, namely a part of its reserves Russia keep in currency. So so, Russia It is trying to create demand for the ruble in the world market.

If this happens, the ruble will strengthen in a sense:

“Companies must collect rubles, which will create demand for it. It will also indirectly lead to the strengthening of the ruble, at least in part.

But the expert notes that, This step will not help Russia in the broadest sense, but in part:

“It simply came to our notice then that, Although the ruble has entered the Russian market, companies will still require currency from the market to meet other obligations. That is, they will later try to convert the ruble into currency. As a result, it will again create demand for foreign currency in the domestic market. (Bizim.Media)


Azerbaijan news

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