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‘Harry Potter’s author Putin’s’ definition’ rejected

Britain The author said he was not happy with Putin’s use of his name

Author of the famous Harry Potter books Coan K. Rowling (JK Rowling) on ​​March 25th Russia presidents Vladimir Putincriticized the writer’s remarks about the West.

Britain The author said he was not happy with Putin’s use of his name.

Putin claimed that, allegedly criticizing the writer’s “cancel culture.” according to I was blindfolded.

Ms. Rowling wrote on her Twitter account:

“I think it’s critical of the West’s culture of abolition,” he said that, currently resisting according to those who killed civilians and ya political throwing opponents into prison and or it is better that the poisoners are not engaged. “

To the writer’s post Russia oppositionist Alexei Navalnyphoto of and “I Ukraine I am with him, ”he added.

Putin He complained in a video conference with cultural figures on March 25 that, in the West in recent weeks Russia A number of cultural events have been canceled.

He added that, Rowling was allegedly abolished in the West as follows:

Children’s writer Joan Rowling was also recently fired. She according to that, The author of millions of copies of books around the world is, as they say, a fan of gender liberties.

Putin later said in his speech:

“Today, they are trying to destroy our millennial culture, our people. Everything I have to do with Russia snowI’m talking about gradual discrimination. ”

Tchaikovsky’s prejudice

Director General of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg during a video conference with Putin Valeri Gergiyev there were also.

Gergiyev refuses to criticize Russia’s intervention in Ukraine according to On March 1, he was removed from the post of chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic and he will no longer be able to conduct at the La Scala Theater in Milan.

In addition, the Spanish Teatro Real Opera House and The Royal Opera House in London has canceled performances by Russia’s Bolshoi Theater.

The Cardiff Theater has removed Peter Tchaikovsky’s concert from its repertoire.

Putin said:

“The popular culture of abolition has become the abolition of culture. Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rakhmaninov were removed from the concert posters. Russian writers and their books have been banned. ”

He said that, The ban on books by Russian writers took place in Nazi Germany 90 years ago.


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