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Traffic police appealed to drivers returning from the districts

Chief State Traffic Police Department Novruz holidayappealed to traffic participants returning from a trip in connection with

The statement came from the department’s public relations department that, Novruz holidayReturn of the population who visited different regions of the country on non-working days in connection with car traffic congestion on the roads and This has led to a significant increase in traffic, as well as the unstable weather in recent days, which has increased the likelihood of accidents on the roads.

“In order not to end the holidays against the background of undesirable events caused by traffic accidents, the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs appealed to the participants of the movement to follow the safety rules, tired, sleepless and or refraining from driving while intoxicated and to drivers who allow such cases snowasks not to be indifferent.

In particular, addressing drivers, pay attention to the technical condition of vehicles before leaving them, the road and weather to assess the condition correctly, do not pass along the road and to strictly follow the rules of maneuvering, speed regime, to set an example to other road users with exemplary behavior, to undisciplined drivers snowwhile patient and We urge you to be cautious.

Driver over long distances and for short-term rest of passengers DYPof republican importance car It can use the conditions created at the stationary posts located on the roads, ”the appeal reads.


Azerbaijan news

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