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Scientists have for the first time discovered plastic particles in human blood

Amsterdam Free Of the University scientists using a new method of blood analysis plastic particles have obtained the first evidence that they exist in human bloodstream. Ocean currents, wind after plastic waste falls into the environment and ultraviolet radiation are exposed to the effects. As a result, plastic waste is broken down into smaller particles. Such particles microplastic are called. These microplastic animals and falling into the bodies of fish snowThere is evidence that it can lead to irreversible complications. Amsterdam Free University scientists used a new method of blood analysis and Microplastics were found in the blood of the participants using this method. Scientists found microplastics in the blood of 16 of the 22 healthy people who participated in the experiment.

This is the first evidence that plastic particles can enter human blood. “Detected plastic particles 1 milliliter of blood total volumes 1.6 micrograms formed. This is each 1000 liters for 1 teaspoon It means microplastic, ”the experts said. Scientists have determined that, the most common plastic particles in the blood polyethylene terephthalate fragments, polyethylene and polystyrene was. Detected plastic particles can be toxic to human cells and can change their forms. In addition to these particles cholesterol to raise the level and cardiovascular diseases can cause Currently, scientists are using plastic particles from the blood to the tissues and they want to learn how to transition to organs.

Azerbaijan news

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