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The closest photo of the sun was taken

Europe The spacecraft Solar Orbiter has taken the closest picture of the Sun to date, revealing the smallest details of its outer atmosphere. By the way, earlier he touched the Sun for the first time in history. reports with reference to foreign media that, The images were taken on March 7, when the Solar Orbiter was in the middle of the Earth and the Sun, 75 million kilometers away from both objects.
Europe The statement from the Space Agency said that, Because Solar Orbiter is so close to the Sun, it had to take 25 separate images to capture the entire solar disk.

According to the agency according toprobe operators needed four hours to capture all segments, including each image, including the time required to re-target the spacecraft. 10 took a minute.

In addition, the Solar Orbiter was able to capture an unusual feature of the Sun – the distance according to instead of cooling, the solar atmosphere is actually significantly warmer.

While the surface temperature of the sun is about 5,000 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the outer atmosphere, the crown, reaches about 1 million degrees Celsius.

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The closest photo of the sun was taken
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Azerbaijan news

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