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The patient, who was completely paralyzed, regained his ability to speak thanks to a brain implant

According to the information provided yan amiotrophic sclerosis A male patient suffering from the disease has regained the ability to speak. This is new neurology implant was possible at the expense of. It should be noted that, famous scientist Stephen Hawking also suffered from this disease. In order to restore the patient’s ability to speak, specialists use the patient’s brain. Brock area (the area responsible for the organization of speech) special electrodes were surgically integrated.

After placing the electrodes in the brain, experts began testing the most appropriate brain signals for interpretation. Experts have switched to a more successful test system after it was discovered that the motion alarm was too asynchronous. and Within this test system, the patient was able to demonstrate the required tone of voice. Later, the system was further expanded and patient ”Yeah“With”no”He managed to say. In the next stage, he was able to pronounce the letters separately.

Through the patient’s syllables unit Although he was able to say the sentences, it took a long time. So. that, it took the patient 30 minutes to recite a sentence. The disadvantages of this process have also emerged. So. that, The effectiveness of an implant integrated into the patient’s brain decreases over time. The reasons for this are unknown. Experts believe that, this may be due to scar tissue around the implant. But no exception that, Decreased implant effectiveness in the development of the disease and associated with the expansion of brain damage.

Azerbaijan news

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