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Do we give free gas to Armenians in Karabakh?


Azerigas Production Union (PU) has announced that, from March 29 trustmost Khankendi and natural to other surrounding settlements gaswill be restored and First of all, tests will be carried out.

“Recently, a malfunction in the gas distribution lines in the territory of the Karabakh economic region, which has been operating without maintenance for many years. gas caused supply problems. More than normal snow“Despite the rain, the employees of Azerigas PU are taking necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of the accident in the difficult terrain,” the statement said.

Representatives of the so-called regime in Khankendi are members of the Azerigas PU gas claimed to have nothing to do with the supply. “RFE / RL’s Armenian Service reports quoting separatists that, Gas is supplied to Karabakh via the only gas pipeline from Armenia, and the supplier is Gazprom Armenia. It is claimed that, SOCARor Azerigas has nothing to do with gas supply in Karabakh, which is not possible from a technical or geographical point of view.

So contradictory information creates uncertainty and The question arises: how do Armenians in the mountainous part of Karabakh get natural gas? How does Azerigas PU participate in this process?

The head of the Oil Research Center, Ilham Shaban, said this in response to a request from that, Gas supply to the Armenian-populated part of Karabakh is provided both before and now through Armenia. According to him according toGazprom Armenia is the seller of gas:

“It simply came to our notice then that, Iranian gas comes there, but I want to note that, Islamic Republic of Iran and Intergovernmental agreement signed by Armenia according to, Iranian gas entering the country cannot be used for purposes other than electricity generation. In other words, since there is a barter agreement between the two countries, the gas will be converted into electricity and transferred back to Iran, and some of the profits will be used by Armenia itself.

The expert adds that, A small-scale gas main pipeline has been laid for Armenians living in the mountainous part of Karabakh on the Gorus-Lachin-Shusha-Khankendi route. “Because they used 50-60 million cubic meters of natural gas a year. This volume is used for domestic purposes only. It is also allowed to use in small businesses, bakery, cafes and restaurants, “he said.

As for the electricity used by Armenians in Karabakh, Ilham Shaban says that, At the Sarsang Hydroelectric Power Station, as well as through small power plants built on small mountain rivers, about a year 200 million square meters of electricity was obtained: “The population there fully met their domestic needs and 80 to Armenia100 million sq. M. hours of energy. In this way, they would have paid for the gas they bought. ”

As for the well-known statement of Azerigas, the expert said that, We are talking about a malfunction in the gas pipeline passing through the territory of Azerbaijan: “Azerigas” repaired it and Gas supply will be resumed from today. The issue here is not as complicated as people think. Social such an image had emerged in the networks that, Allegedly, Azerbaijan supplies gas to Armenians living there. Some social Network users were also outraged by the analogy with free gas supplied to religious temples in Georgia. She according to There was a wide discussion on this issue. “

I.Shaban hopes that, Peace has been achieved between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and after the establishment of diplomatic relations, such issues will be resolved amicably. “Azerbaijan will also provide cheap gas to Armenians living there that, Let them pray for us, “the expert said.


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