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It is known when the prototype of Xiaomi electric car will be presented

Xiaomi head of the company’s Beijing-Tianjin branch Luo Baojun announced when the prototype of the company’s first electric car will be presented. According to him, Xiaomi’s first electric car will exceed all expectations of users. According to Luo Baojun, the prototype of the electric car will be presented in the third quarter of this year. It should be noted that, Xiaomi announced its electric car in September last year. At the same time as well Xiaomi Automobile Co. Ltd. The company was registered.

It was mentioned in the official information that, initial budget of the new company 1.57 billion dollars contane. Large-scale production of Xiaomi electric cars is expected to begin in the first half of 2024. The plant, which will produce electric cars, is expected to produce a total of 300,000 electric cars a year. According to the report, the company plans to build the plant in Beijing in two stages. Of course that, The company’s electric cars can be expected to be closely integrated into the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Azerbaijan news

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