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A shop was raided in Goychay and 45,000 manat worth of gold was stolen

A theft worth 45,000 manat was committed from a gold shop in Goychay.

The statement came from the Sheki regional group of the Interior Ministry’s Press Service.

Reported that, Victim District Police Applying to the department, 45 thousand pounds worth of jewelry was stolen and He said that unknown people threatened him with a gun.

Police Afsun Salimzadeh, a resident of Baydovul village, suspected of committing a crime as a result of urgent search operations carried out by officers and Two minors were detained and handed over for investigation.

It was identified during the investigation that, The detainees planned to rob the store a few days ago. On March 26, one of the minors entered the store to realize his plans. Taking advantage of the seller’s absence, he took the gold and met the owner of the store at the exit while trying to get away. He was threatened with a toy pistol and began to flee. After handing over the stolen items to Afsun Salimzadeh, who was waiting for him at a distance, they moved in different directions in order to lose track. A. Salimzadeh went to the address of another minor, who is a fellow villager and They put the gold in a glass jar and buried it together. Goals to go to Baku after a while and After selling the stolen goods in the capital, they divided the money among themselves.

A criminal case has been launched on the fact and The gold jewelry buried in the ground was taken from the place as material evidence and submitted to the investigation.


Azerbaijan news

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