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A sudden rise in temperature was observed in the Arctic and Antarctica

Arctic and Antarctica are considered very cold regions. However Of the Earth Observers at these two poles have observed a sudden rise in temperature in these regions this year. According to observers, this is the case weather events will not have a positive effect on people. According to the information in Antarctica Concordia The average temperature in the area where the French-Italian station is located is higher than the standard 40 degrees Celsius was high and as a result, the average temperature in the region -12 degrees Celsius reached. Of Russia East In the area where the station is located, the average temperature is higher than the standard 15 degrees Celsius was high. As a result, the average temperature in the area where the Vostok station is located -17.7 degrees Celsius formed.

Scientists said that, these figures are very surprising. So. that, Such average temperatures have also been observed in the Arctic. “The poles of the earth are currently going through different seasons. North and The South Pole must not melt at the same time. This is an extraordinary event in the true sense of the word, “the researchers said. It is assumed that, Sudden temperature rise at the North Pole From the coast of Greenland the influx of warm atmospheres, while at the South Pole From the Pacific Ocean due to the influx of incoming warm atmosphere. According to experts, the incident is simply unusual weather should be taken as an event and there are no traces of permanent climate change. However, if such sudden temperature rises occur again, it will be a serious cause for concern.

Azerbaijan news

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